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Ants can be a nuisance in the home of anyone, and sometimes it can be hard to get good control of them. Luckily, our Dallas pest control technicians are experts and trained in the removal of ants and other pests.

Types of Ants Commonly Found in Dallas and Fort Worth

There are several ant species located here in the DFW area, including: Little black ant, Rover ant, Odorous house ant, Crazy ant, Fire ant, Argentine Ant, Carpenter Ant and the Pharaoh ant. Our exterminators can help you with an ant invasion to deliver the best results. When it comes to how to get rid of ants it’s always efficient to use  DIY treatment – call a professional!

Ant Invasions Of Dallas Properties

Why do people have these little insects invading their home? The answers may surprise you. Even homeowners who keep their house spotless can suffer from having ants in their home. They come inside a home, business, or residence to search for food or water. Our process for ant control involves figuring out the source of them–which is not hard for our trained pros, and then applying the proper protocol treatment solutions.

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Prevention Tips for Ants

Some suggestions to help keep them from invading your space and to avoid the need for a treatment include the following:

  • First, make sure to remove any food that is sitting out on counters or anywhere in the property.  Keep or put food in air-tight, sealed containers.
  • Move any wood piles or debris that is close to your house, business, or residence away from the structure.
  • Make sure to take your trash outside as quickly as possible–especially if there is food in the bags.

Signs of A Serious Ant Infestation

  • Wood shavings in random places
  • Ants crawling around your pantry and other food-storage areas
  • Damp areas with lots of ants
  • Ants taking over your dog or cat food bowls
  • Rustling noise in the walls; this one is often harder for people to easily recognize

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If you have ants there is no need to worry. Our Dallas pest control techs can handle any problem that you may be enduring. Be sure to tell us what type of pest problem you have. When you call us you won’t receive a sales pitch or endless babbling from our staff. You will receive friendly information and solutions that will help you solve your problem. Don’t delay – call us right away!

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