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If you need insect control in Dallas, Texas or the Dallas-Fort Worth area you have found the right company. We can handle all your pest control needs for both residential as well as commercial properties, and new construction along with other situations. Some of them we provide bug control for include mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, wasps, bees, ants, and more.

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Our sales process is not high-pressure and does not include bait-and switch tactics like so many other insect control companies that exist in the DFW area. We will take time to answer all of your questions and you can rest assured that we will not sell you something that you do not need.
Why are we committed to making sure you get what you need and not what makes us the most money? It is quite simple. We believe that if we take care of you, you will use us again in the future and refer us to friends, family, business associates, and others.

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Considerations When Hiring a Exterminator

Some things you need to investigate before you hire a company to do your treatment control, include the following:

1) As how long of a warranty or guarantee they provide. It depends on the situation, of course, but make sure you get a company that has a strong program to treat your problem. Although nothing works 100% of the time, you should at least work with a company who is friendly and respectful.

2) What type of chemicals will be used? There are different types of chemicals used in insect control and you need to make sure you get the right chemicals for your situation. How long until people, pets, or animals will be on the property that was sprayed are things you need to know and be able to answer.

3) In all types of insect control there are different methods and procedures used. Sometimes it is baiting, spraying, trapping, fogging, granules, liquid treatments, powders and other types of treatments.

Before you hire any type of pest control company ask these questions above. Be sure you have a company that has performed insect control in Dallas for a decent amount of time. You want to be sure that the company you are working with has a solid reputation and is not a fly-by-night operation.

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